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may 2024

 Mondo and Ceramics group exhibitions at Australian Galleries

march 2024

 Whereabouts: Artists Respond at Solander Gallery NZ

 Many kinds I met there at Penny Contemporary in Tassie

december 2023

 Solo exhibition at CCCP&M

november 2023

 Whereabouts: Printmakers Respond at AGB

october 2023

 Watching you, watching me, watching you solo exhibition at Australian Galleries

may 2023

 Solo exhibition at Beechworth Contemporary Art Space

april 2023

 As ready as ever solo exhibition at Library at The Dock Gallery

january 2023

 Exhibitions in 2023

november 2022

 Who’s that memory in your eyes? solo exhibition at Australian Galleries

october 2022

 Divine Creatures group exhibition at New England Contemporary Print Gallery

august 2022

 Rona Green: 30 Years of Printmaking at Broken Hill City Art Gallery

june 2022

 Every time you walk on by I gotta sigh solo exhibition at Beaver Galleries

april 2022

 Rona on The Jacklyn Foster Podcast

march 2022

 Rona Green: 30 Years of Printmaking at Whitehorse Artspace in Melbourne

january 2022

 exhibitions in 2022

july 2021

 Some they do and some they don’t and some you just can’t tell solo exhibition at Burrinja

may 2021

 No Questions Asked solo exhibition at Penny Contemporary in Tassie

april 2021

 In The Midst group exhibition at West Gallery Thebarton

march 2021

 Entrancing Others group exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery

february 2021

 Just hanging around solo exhibition at Hazelhurst Arts Centre

january 2021

 exhibitions in 2021

november 2020

 A little bit solo exhibition at Australian Galleries

 Small Works group exhibition at Beaver Galleries

 Rona on The Hazel Dooney Podcast

february 2020

 Rona on the Hello, Print Friend podcast

january 2020

 exhibitions in 2020

november 2019

 Dark Horse group exhibition at AGB

 Splendacious group exhibition

october 2019

 You remind me of somebody I used to know solo exhibition at Beaver Galleries

september 2019

 Amongst Us group exhibition at The Art Vault

 Paper Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary

august 2019

 Return Flight MEL>HKG group exhibition

may 2019

 Penny Contemporary

february 2019

 Papermade group exhibition

january 2019

 upcoming exhibitions

october 2018

 In fine fettle solo exhibition

june 2018

 Turn three times before laying down group exhibition

 My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid group exhibition

may 2018

 Habitat group exhibition

march 2018

 The thrill of it all solo exhibition

january 2018

 upcoming exhibitions

december 2017

 Champagne taste and lemonade pockets solo exhibition in Benalla

 Imaginings group exhibition

november 2017

 Canicular Days group exhibition

 All Aboard group exhibition

 Small Works group exhibition

october 2017

 Romancing the Skull group exhibition

august 2017

 Eight Victorian Printmakers group exhibition

june 2017

 Champagne taste and lemonade pockets solo exhibition in Bendigo

january 2017

 2017 exhibitions & projects

november 2016

 Panoply group exhibition

may 2016

 Eventide group exhibition

march 2016

  You can dress them up, but you can't take them out solo exhibition

 Animal Instinct group exhibition

 While the going is good solo exhibition

january 2016

 2016 exhibitions & projects

november 2015

 Magical group exhibition

september 2015

 Beastarium group exhibition

october 2015

 Allusion group exhibition

september 2015

 Auditory Visions group exhibition

august 2015

 Inking Up group exhibition

july 2015

 Chancing Your Arm solo exhibition

january 2015

 2015 exhibitions & projects

september 2014

 Rona Green documentary – A Portrait in Ink

 Near Neighbours

june 2014


march 2014

 Beautiful Vermin

january 2014

 2014 exhibitions & projects

october 2013

 Wonder Room

september 2013


august 2013

 No Cure For Life

february 2013


january 2013

 2013 exhibitions & projects

 The Art of Sound

 Tough Love 2013 Charity Calendar

october 2012

 Beautiful Soup

 Surface Value

july 2012

 Sounds Like Noise

june 2012

 Sentinels and Showboats

 Inside Art Interview

may 2012

 Mono Uno at Albury Art Gallery

 Banyule Contemporary Art Fair

february 2012


november 2011

 Large exhibition of small works

 The Wonderful Creative Things Fair

 Banyule Award for Works on Paper

 Sine Supremus tattoo

september 2011

 Familiar Unfamiliar

 Silk Cut Award for Linocut Prints

 Freak of Nature

 Nether Regions

 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards

august 2011

 Nature of the Mark

june 2011

 Fink yer'ard?

april 2011

 2011 exhibitions & projects

 Personal Space

 Fair & Square

february 2011

 Losers & Winners

december 2010

 Hold Fast

september 2010

 Silk Cut Award

august 2010

 Paul Guest Prize

july 2010

 Artists’ prints made with integrity

 Clean Lines

june 2010

 Rona Green: prints and poppets 2000 - 2010

may 2010

 Kids’ Picks

 Australian Galleries

april 2010

 Mercator studios open day

march 2010

 two by six

 12 Crack Men

 Copy Jam

january 2010

 Rona about town


 2010 exhibitions

november 2009

 Rona on TV

 Beaver Galleries

october 2009


 WWAG design commission

september 2009

 Silk Cut Award

 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards

 I saw and heard of none like me

july 2009

 The Body

may 2009

 Flashy Tasty


march 2009

 David Dust interview


 a thousand words

 Tasmania 1:100,000

 Burnie Print Prize

 Mono Uno

 More Beasties


january 2009

 2009 exhibitions

november 2008

 Make Believe group exhibition

october 2008

 I love fish + chips

 PJP solo exhibition

august 2008


 Fremantle Print Award

july 2008

 Bias Bound

june 2008

 Imprint cover

november 2007


october 2007



september 2007

 Willoughby Art Prize

august 2007

 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards

july 2007

 Altered States

may 2007

 Antipodean Bestiary

april 2007

 betwixt and between

march 2007

 Australian Art Review cover

 by the light of the moon print folio exhibition

 Burnie Print Prize

february 2007

 Rona Green, Rebecca Mayo, Scott Taylor exhibition

 Sci-Fi group exhibition

january 2007

 The Dolls House Studio print publishing project

 Artists‘ Ink exhibition

november 2006

 Multiplicity exhibition at VTW

 Impressions fundraising exhibition at APW

october 2006

 Wagga Wagga Art Gallery 21st Century Prints

 Our Home exhibition at CDU

september 2006

 beasties and Deceivers of the Pack exhibitions

august 2006

 2006 Silk Cut Award for linocut prints

july 2006

 Australian Art Collector profile

 Port Jackson Press publishing project

may 2006

 Cutting Re-marks group exhibition

 The Artist / The Printmaker group exhibition

april 2006

 Victorian Tapestry Workshop commission

december 2005

 teacher of the year

 portrait commission

november 2005

 beasties print exchange portfolio project

october 2005

 We Are All Animals group exhibition in Bendigo

september 2005

 PCA print commission 2005

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